Quant Coalescence

Despite Volatility, Dollar Strength Continues to push U. S. Equity Indexes Higher

December, 2014 PCM Quant Coalescence

Equity indexes continue higher despite several downward revisions in GDP across the globe including China, Japan and Europe. Although GDP forecasts have been revised downward in the U.S. as well, we are the only large global economy that appears to be done printing money and are also anticipating short term rates to begin rising mid to late next year. This in turn makes all assets denominated in the U.S. dollar attractive, as such an investment would appear poised to appreciate by both being in the strongest global economy and a currency that is appreciating vs a foreign investors' own currency..... Read More..

Market Pulse

Modern Asset Allocation: Riskier Than You Think

Written by R.Todd Wood, MBA

How one defines "conservative" is an important question. Conservative investing has different meanings to different constituencies, and perhaps has even been over simplified due to the pigeon-holing effect of investor risk categories.For many investors, being conservative means they can't afford to take risks that would potentially reduce or eat into principal; however, standard asset allocation models are static and typically heavily weight bonds for conservative investors. While this methodology has worked well in low inflationary markets, risk of a decade of bull markets in bonds mean.... Read More...


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