Quarterly' Quant Coalescence

PCM QC: Quant Coalescence 06.30.2017

PCM’s US Industries is composed with up to four ETF’s allocated at the beginning of each month. The strategy invests in a proprietary allocation of ETFs quantitatively selected from among 23 U.S. industry sectors and 2 “inverse” ETFs, the inverse Dow Jones Industrial Average and the inverse S&P 500.

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Market Pulse

PCM 2016 Market Outlook: January 11, 2016

I believe that the U.S. financial markets may be nearing the end of the third stock market bubble in fifteen years. By some measures, equity valuations have reached the most extreme point in history. Market "internals" are starting to break down. Unless one has a 25 year time horizon, now is one of the worst times in history to enter into a traditionally allocated "buy and hold" equity and bond portfolio.

Using seasons as a metaphor, it is late fall in the U.S. equity market and economic cycle. There is a winter season coming. Between now and 2022, broad U.S. equity indexes are at risk of falling 50% to 60%.

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